Question :1 What is the most common cause of cloudy urine?

Bacterial cystitis
Urine overgrowth with yeast.
Alkaline urine

Question :2 Most common cause of proteinuria is:

Fanconi syndrome
Excessive glomerular permeability due to primary glomerular disease
Failure of adequate tubular reabsorption
Overflow proteinuria due to increased plasma concentration of immunoglobulins

Question :3 Phosphaturia in urine can be diagnosed by

Acidifying urine acetic acid
Alkalinizing urine ethanol
Treating urine o-cresol
Amorphous sediments in naked eye examination of centrifuged urine

Question :4 What common over-the-counter medication can produce a false-positive result during plasma free metanephrine testing?


Question :5 Hanging groin is caused by

Loa loa

Question :6 Predisposing factors associated with Adrenal hemorrhage include all except

Prolonged labor
Birth trauma
Small birth weight
Renal vein thrombosis

Question :7 Neuroblastoma distinguished from Wilms tumour in CT by

Absence of cystic degeneration
Peritumoural halo
Nodal metastasis

Question :8 Not true about Bacterial concentration per gm of fecal content ranges from

10 to 105 in jejunum
105 to 107 in distal ileum
106 to 108 in the ascending colon
106 to 108 in descending colon

Question :9 In a child of 5-10 yrs age , Approximate Catheter size to be used based on age chart is


Question :10 “Jackhammer” effect is seen with

Ballistic lithotripsy
Electrohydraulic lithotripsy
Ureteroscopic Intracorporeal lithotripsy

Question :11 Contents of hemorrhage tray for Laparsocopic surgery include all except

Laparoscopic Satinsky clamp
Ten-millimeter suction/irrigation tip
Endo Stitch device with 4-0 non absorbable suture
Lapra-Ty clip applier and a packet of Lapra-Ty clips

Question :12 Most common cause of Continuous Incontinence is

Ectopic ureter that enters urethra
Ectopic ureter that enters female genital tract
Urinary tract fistula that bypasses urethral sphincter
Common after menopause

Question :13 Not True about 99mTcMAG3 is

Photon emission
6 hr half life
Ease of preparation
Mainly excreted by hepatobiliary route

Question :14 Most common cause of UTI is

Staphylococcus epidermidis
Candida albicans

Question :15 PSA levels reach to normal levels after an acute episode of bacterial prostatitis in absence of recrudescence of the infection with in

2 weeks
8 weeks
4 weeks
6 weeks

Question :16 Which of the following is both pathogenetic mechanism & pathognomonic marker of Interstitial cystitis

Mast cells

Question :17 A 35 yr old patient came with painful unilateral suppurative inguinal adenopathy that occurs after 2 to 6 weeks after ulcer resolution is seen with


Question :18 Which of the following is not true about HIV associated Nephropathy?

Usually occurs in patients with Low CD4 counts
Overt AIDS is a prerequisite
Nephrotic range proteinuria
Renal sufficiency

Question :19 Which of the following is not rue about Reiter syndrome?

Reiter syndrome is more common in men than in women
Commonly diagnosed in children
Most common ocular manifestation is Conjuctivitis
Associated with HLA B27 haplotype

Question :20 “Kerr’s kink”is typically applied to which of the following infection


Question :21 Identify the picture

Vesicocolic fistula
Vesicoureteric fistula
Urethrourethral fistula
Colocolic fistula

Question :22 Which of the following statements are false?

Duplication of the renal pelvis is found in 4 per cent of patients
Duplication of the ureter is found in 3 per cent of patients
Ureterocele is a cystic enlargement of the intramural ureter
All ureteroceles must be treated by endoscopic diathermy incision

Question :23 Identify the picture

Carcinoma of the ureter
Retrograde pyelogram showing transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis
Left ureteric calculus
IVU showing transitional cell carcinoma of the left renal pelvis

Question :24 Identify the picture

Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Rupture of the bladder
Carcinoma of the bladder
Bladder diverticulum

Question :25 Paquin's ratio is used in

Ectopic ureter
Secondary VUR
Posterior urethral valve
Primary VUR

Question :26 Valve bladder syndrome occurs with

In ureteric duplication
Because of vesico ureteric reflux
Persitance of obstruction at VUJ fallowing posterior urethral valve surgery
Because of persistance of posterior urethral valves

Question :27 Asymptomatic microscopic hematuria is defined as which of the following

Positive urine dipstick test
1 cell/high powered field
3 cells/high powered field
5 cells/high powered field

Question :28 Renal collar which surrounds the aorta has its two limbs split by:

Left renal vein
Left renal artery
All of the above

Question :29 Which of the following is the most common renal vascular anomaly

Supernumerary renal arteries
Supernumerary renal veins
Double renal arteries
Double renal veins

Question :30 Brownish urine is seen with

Sulfasalazine treatment
Phenazopyridine treatment
Nitrofurantoin treatment
Riboflavin administration

Question :31 Site most commonly affected by Tuberculosis of the ureter is

Ureterovesical junction
Pelviureteric junction
Intramural portion of the ureter

Question :32 Cremasteric vein drains into

Superior epigastric vein
Inferior epigastric vein
Superficial external pudendal vein
Superficial circumflex vein

Question :33 Minimum amount of contrast inserted for cystogram


Question :34 Artifact that occurs when an ultrasound wave strikes an interface at a critical angle and is refracted with limited reflection is:

Reverberation artifact
Increased through-transmission artifact
Edging artifact
Comet-tail artifact

Question :35 Most common abnormal urinary finding in patients undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is:

Low urine pH
Low urine volume

Question :36 Patients with enteric hyperoxaluria are most likely to form stones composed of:

Calcium phosphate
Calcium oxalate
Magnesium ammonium phosphate
Uric acid

Question :37 Which of the following statements regarding risk factors for the development of bladder cancer is false

Patients with history of smoking have a higher risk for developing TCC
It is more common amongst Black males when compared to White males
Occupational exposure increases the risk
Long-term indwelling bladder catheters increase risk of developing TCC

Question :38 Which of the following is NOT a medication used for benign prostatic hypertrophy


Question :39 Which of the following is NOT an avascular plane in the pelvis?

Lateral pararectal space
Prevesical space of Retzius
Vaginourethral space
Rectovaginal space

Question :40 Which of the following is NOT a treatment option for a Localized 2.5-cm RCC?

Enucleation plus adjuvant therapy (chemotherapy)
Partial nephrectomy
Radical nephrectomy

Question :41 All of the following contributes to postoperative urinary retention Except

Bladder overdistention
Traumatic instrumentation
Increased bladder contractility
Preexistent pathology

Question :42 Which of the following can occur as a paraneoplastic manifestation of RCC

Hepatic dysfunction
Pulmonary edema

Question :43 Only segment of the urethra that does not have transitional epithelium is

Prostatic urethra
Membranous urethra
Bulbar urethra
Fossa navicularis

Question :44 Which of the following disorders doesn’t commonly lead to irritative voiding symptoms

Parkinson disease
Prostate cancer

Question :45 Patients with pyelonephritis require

IV antibiotics for 7 days
IV antibiotics for 14 days
IV antibiotics until afebrile, then oral antibiotics for 7 days
IV antibiotics until afebrile, then oral for a total of 14 days

Question :46 Most common urinary diversion after total cystectomy is

End ureterostomy with external stoma
Ureteroenterostomy (internal)
Ileal conduit
Colonic conduit

Question :47 Most common cause of unresolved bacteriuria is

Resistance from in itially susceptible orgamison
Innate bacterial resistance to selected drug
2 different species ? mutually exclusive susceptibility
Reinfection with new species

Question :48 Relation of vas defevens to epigastric vessels as it enters the pelvis is


Question :49 Which of the following statements are false?

Renal stones are usually visible on a plain X-ray
There are very few physical signs
Hydronephrosis and/or pyonephrosis with a palpable loin swelling is common
Haematuria is common

Question :50 Spinning top deformity in MCU indicate

Dysfunctional elimination syndrome
Anterior urethral valves
Posterior urethral valves
Neurogenic bladder

Question :51 Which of the following tumor is associated with Estrogen replacement therapy

Mixed epithelial & stromal tumor
Cystic nephroma
Metanephric adenoma

Question :52 Which one of the following is likely to be injured during psoas hitch?

Genitofemoral nerve
Obturator nerve
Ilioinguinal nerve
Sciatic nerve

Question :53 Not true About Pseudotumor of kidney is

Also called as Hypertrophied Coloumn of Bertin
Manifests as localized mass between infundibula of lower & middle calyces
Renal scan shows normal uptake of the radioisotope in this area
Renal Ultrasound shows normal echogenic pattern

Question :54 Not true about Ask Upmark kidney is

Usually young women & girls are involved
Most frequently presents with Hypertension
Also called as Segmental hypoplasia
Most likely congenital in origin

Question :55 Medullary cystic disease of kidney is

Autosomal dominant
Autosomal recessive
X linked dominant
X linked recessive

Question :56 All of the following statements are true about Penile sarcomas except

Malignant lesions are found more frequently on proximal shaft
Benign lesions were more often located on proximal shaft
Most common malignant lesions are of vascular origin
Local recurrences are characteristic of sarcomas

Question :57 Most typical presentation of active schistosomiasis is

Hematuria with initial dysuria
Hematuria with terminal dysuria
Hematuria with no dysuria
Only dysuria

Question :58 Chancroid is typically associated with ______ inguinal lymphadenopathy

Unilateral & Non tender
Unilateral & Tender
Bilateral & Non tender
Bilateral & Tender

Question :59 All the statements are true about Pediculosis pubis except

Infestation with crab louse
Pruritic disorder of genitalia
Standard treatment is application of 5% permethrin cream overnight
Commonly transmitted through contaminated clothing

Question :60 All are findings of exstrophy bladder except

Nonvisualization of the fetal bladder
Lower abdominal wall mass immediately inferior to low lying umbilicus
Diminutive genitalia
Abnormal vertebrae and spinal cord